Lightning Fast

Load your decisions in milliseconds.

Built-in Permissions

Assign different access levels, create read-only decisions and add team members.

Change copy immediately in your website

Perfect for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams.

Save time and resources

Elimitate wasted time from Pull Requests, Code Approvals, and Deployments.


Decisions are read-only, unless you want to update them.

iOS + Android Compatible

Decisions can be used in Mobile Applications. We encourage you to use it to skip long approval processes and shorten delivery times.

Fit your organization

DecisionLab is built to fit your organization. We support multiple environments, projects, teams, and members.

For engineers, designers, and PMs

Do not waste time building new tables, columns, or endpoints.
Give access directly to PMs so that they can change decisions themselves

Set-up auto decisions

Set your decisions to expire or change values automatically, based on a date.

Segment your users or processes

Target only a percentage of your users, or a specific region.

Block lists, allow lists

Use decisions as allow-lists or block-lists. Compliance, legal or support teams could use this feature.